28 Oct, 2019
11 Dec, 2017

Atlas Copco PACE Technology Revolutionises Compressor Versatility.

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and adaptability are key factors for success in any industry. When it comes to air compressors, Atlas Copco has taken versatility to new heights with their ground breaking PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) technology. With PACE, Atlas Copco has transformed the compressor landscape, offering a game-changing solution that maximises productivity while minimising equipment requirements.

Traditionally, different applications would necessitate the use of multiple compressors, each set at a fixed pressure. This not only increased the complexity of operations but also added significant costs in terms of equipment, maintenance, and transportation. However, PACE technology has changed the game by allowing operators to define the pressure while the machine regulates the flow, effectively eliminating the need for multiple fixed-pressure compressors.

The user-friendly interface of Atlas Copco’s PACE technology ensures that adjusting the pressure is a breeze. With just three clicks, operators can easily set the desired pressure or toggle between pre-set configurations, saving valuable time, and streamlining operations. The intuitive controller provides the flexibility to select any pressure level within the machine’s pressure band, adjustable in increments of 0.1 bar. This level of precision ensures that the compressor meets the exact requirements of each application, delivering optimal performance and efficiency.

One of the most significant advantages of PACE technology is its ability to accommodate a wide range of applications. Whether it’s operating handheld tools, shotcrete applications, abrasive blasting, or cable blowing and drilling, a compressor equipped with PACE can handle it all. By simply adjusting the pressure settings, the compressor adapts to the specific needs of each task, providing the versatility of three machines in one.

Furthermore, PACE technology brings about numerous benefits that directly impact the bottom line. The higher utilisation achieved with PACE means increased productivity and reduced downtime, resulting in improved efficiency savings. By eliminating the need for multiple compressors, businesses can also enjoy a higher return on investment, as they save on equipment costs, maintenance, and transportation expenses. With PACE, companies can swiftly move between job sites and applications, enjoying newfound freedom and flexibility.

Atlas Copco’s PACE technology is not just about convenience and efficiency; it’s also about performance and reliability. The controllers are built to withstand the elements, with an IP 65 rating, ensuring durability and long-term performance even in challenging environments. The system’s electronic regulation, programmed via a digital controller, guarantees accuracy and safety, while also offering the widest operating pressure range within a single compressor.

It’s important to note what PACE is not: it’s not a linear system where adjusting pressure dictates the flow, nor is it a guesswork-based manual regulation valve. PACE technology represents a paradigm shift in the compressor industry, leveraging advanced electronics and intelligent control to optimise performance and deliver unparalleled versatility.

If your compressor is not equipped with PACE technology, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Embracing PACE means embracing a future where you can achieve more with less, where a single compressor can effortlessly adapt to a multitude of applications. Experience the power of PACE, and unlock a new level of productivity, efficiency, and profitability in your operations. Atlas Copco’s PACE technology is a game-changer, revolutionising compressor versatility for businesses worldwide.


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