28 Oct, 2019
11 Dec, 2017

THE GAME CHANGING 9kVA to 60kVA Generator

Low-load operation problems are now a thing of the past with Atlas Copco’s latest addition to the QAS generators. The QAS 60/35 VSG (Variable Speed Generator), is a game changer in terms of operational savings, performance and reliability.

The superior low-load performance of the QAS 60/35 VSG, which features automatic variable speed control from 950 to 2550 rpm and a built-in Energy Storage System (ESS), enables fuel consumption levels to be reduced by up to 40 % against comparable models. At the same time it helps increase reliability in applications with an average load of less than 20%, such as construction projects, outdoor events or telecommunication services.

The average load factor on construction sites working with cranes, pumps and motors is 10%. The QAS 60/35 VSG covers a wide range of power nodes from 9kVA to 60kVA thanks to the unique variable speed technology. What is more, it is like having 6 power nodes models in 1.


Because you have variable loads and you need efficiency and reliability.

  • The QAS60/35 can offer unique innovative variable speed technology: 950 to 2550 rpm.
  • State of the art IP 65 power electronics and integrated energy storage system, guarantees stable voltage and frequency, regardless of the engine speed with high step load capabilities.


You can increase utilisation and versatility to your fleet.

  • 1 single QAS 60/35 VSG can replace up to 6 power nodes of typical generators (from 9kVA to 60kVA).
  • The integrated Energy Storage System will increase the Peak Power capabilities by 70%, matching the motor starting performance of a 60kVA prime power generator or even a higher rated machine.


Because you care about the environment.

  • QAS 60/35 VSG contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.
  • 1 single unit working 1500hrs per year emits 4500kg less of CO₂ than other generators working in similar applications.


It’s efficient, NOT wasteful.

  • QAS 60/35 VSG technology brings fuel savings of up to 40% on typical construction, events or telecommunication applications.
  • The standard fuel tank enables running time of over 14 hours at 75% load and up to 70 hours at 10% load.”


With a 1-to-1 ratio motor start capability, the QAS 60/35 VSG is the ideal source of high starting current for the electric motor drives of site equipment such as construction tools, cranes, pumps, or electric compressors. What’s more, the stable frequency and voltage it produces makes it the solution of choice when coping with sensitive loads such as electronic equipment applications.

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