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Atlas Copco provides three containerised 1000 kVa generators in the QAC, QEC & QES ranges. All three of these portable generators provide unique solutions to your power requirements.

The QAC generator is used when you have varying load power requirements and want to keep noise to a minimum. The QEC generator offers a highly customised solution for speciality applications. The QES generator is simple to use and provides the lowest cost of ownership.


QAC 1000kVa Generator

The QAC range of generators comes in a standard 6 metre container and offers high efficiencies and low noise levels. With two 500kva generators in one container, the QAC range can be used as the prime source of power in applications that require optimum performance and variable power needs. You have the flexibility to run at 100% power load or low power loads in the most efficient way. These generators are ideal for heavy usage applications and can easily be transported.


QEC 1000kVa Generator

Atlas Copco’s QEC generators pack a punch with up to 1 megawatt of containerized power that can be easily transported from one worksite to the next. Supremely reliable, it is the flexible solution for your prime and critical standby power needs in the rental, mining and oil & gas industries. The QEC range allows you to specify the configuration of your generator through a wide range of useful options. You can customize everything from the power output to the required level of noise suppression.


QES 1000kVa Generator

QES diesel generators offer a reliable solution combined with the low cost of ownership. These generators can easily be transported from site to site or used as a stationary prime power solution. They provide excellent performance with 2 clicks to power, less than 6 seconds to stable power, reduced noise, a spillage free frame and 500 hour service intervals.


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