28 Oct, 2019
11 Dec, 2017

The Power of 5! QAS 5 Generators

Developed in response to today’s operational challenges, the new QAS 5 models offer to the construction, events and industrial sectors quieter operation, smaller footprints, reduced engine emissions, faster plug-and-play paralleling, enhanced fuel economy, 24hr autonomy and lower total cost of ownership. As a consequence, the QAS 5 range helps customers to improve fleet utilisation and shorten their return on investment.

1/5th Lower Noise Perception

Excessive noise generated by portable energy equipment is becoming increasingly unacceptable in urban environments and industrial work areas. For this reason, QAS 5 mobile generators deliver a significant reduction in noise levels, and are on average 5-8 dBA quieter than comparable generators. The near-silent performance is delivered through a combination of technologies. This includes advanced variable speed fan air cooling, a separate compartment for the power pack and the enhanced noise attenuation provided via silencers and sound dampening foams.

1/5th Smaller Footprint

The compact QAS 5 generators offer footprints up to 20 per cent smaller than any comparable portable diesel generator. This makes them easier to transport and position on site, thereby creating safer working conditions.

5 sec. to power and 55 for paralleling

Electrical power is often required at immediate notice, and for this reason QAS 5 generators are equipped with multiple sockets, a terminal board and optional power locks, the generators can be powered up within five seconds. Also, for operators who have scalable power requirements, QAS 5 generators can be paralleled with each other in under a minute. This allows for optimum power usage and high levels of on-site power redundancy.

5% Savings in Operational Costs

The QAS mobile generator features a controller equipped with a Power Management System that enables the optimisation of fuel consumption and expands the lifetime of generators when they are working in parallel to form a mobile or independent power plant.

5th generation ready for stage V

The QAS 5 range has been developed to provide you with a smooth transition towards the phased adoption of EU Stage V engine emission standards in 2019/20

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