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With the winter crop grain production in NSW forecast to be similar to the 2018–19 crop, now is a great time to look at the best ways to prepare for the upcoming Harvest.

We spoke with Greg Kite from Temora Seed and Grain Cleaning to get his perspective on the matter. Seed cleaning is a very important practice in crop farming today. It increases yields, eliminates weed seeds, reduces the in ground stored weed seed bank & saves time during harvest when storing the crop seed.

Temora Seed and Grain Cleaning

Not only does Greg run a grain and seed cleaning business he also operates a grain harvest contracting business, stripping a range of crops including wheat, barley, chick peas, lupins & sorghum. Having worked in the agricultural industry all his life we can safely say Greg has extensive experience in preparing for harvest.

Preparing for the Season Ahead

Thousands of articles have been written across various platforms providing wide-ranging advice on how you can prepare for the upcoming harvest. The common denominator across every single one of those is “prepare your equipment and keep it clean”, says Greg.

“The most crucial part to ensure success is to have good, reputable equipment with strong infield performance history and minimal downtime” but most importantly clean equipment to avoid fire and transmission of weed seeds and contaminated soils.

Greg uses an Atlas Copco XAS185 air compressor with optional aftercooler supplied by Atlas CEA dealer Compressed Air Light and Power situated in Moree and Orange NSW. “I purchased this unit 3 years ago, I use it to blow down my grain harvester and seed cleaning machines.”

He also adds: “Cleanliness is everything in the commercial seed industry, all year round. For cleaning seed and grading seed you need a good reliable compressor.  In harvesting it is essential to get across the state borders with clean machinery.”

“In Agriculture dust is always an issue, Atlas Copco compressors have industry leading radiator/cooling packages with quick double-sided radiator access. The aftercooler is a must during hot weather to keep a cool hose. Reliability is also a key factor during summer heat.”

We asked Greg if he thought the Atlas Copco machines were reliable and why? He responded with: “Absolutely. They are well built, have very few electronics and incorporate quality components. I owned an Atlas Copco XAS125 prior to this machine, I had that machine for 15 years after purchasing it second hand.” He adds: “ My favourite features of the XAS185 is the Poly Hood, machine longevity, parts shelf life and they have the best cooling radiator package available on the market.”

If you need to start preparing your machinery for harvest contact your closest Atlas CEA branch on 1800 733 782 or find your local dealer and check out the XAS88 or XAS185.

By far the best air compressors for cleaning down any machinery and ensuring your equipment is prepared for the season ahead.


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