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Selecting the right lighting tower can have a big impact on the productivity and safety of your work site.

Before purchasing a lighting tower you need to ask yourself: How much light do I need? How long do I require the lighting for? Do I have time to turn the lights on when it gets dark? What are the ongoing costs? What are my transport requirements?  Do I require a lighting tower that also acts as a power generator?

We’ve helped to answer these questions for you.


Light Coverage

When considering lighting coverage you need to look at the spread and quality of light required. The spread of light is the amount of square metres covered by the lighting tower. We recommend going for lighting towers that can deliver between 2000 and 5000 m2 of light, depending on your requirements. Next, you need to consider the average lux as a measure of the brightness of the lighting towers.  We suggest an average of between 10 and 20 lux depending on your application.


Fuel Efficiency

The amount of fuel your lighting tower consumes throughout its lifetime should be considered prior to purchasing. You need to find out the number of hours that you will get out of a single tank of fuel. As a guide you should be looking for a lighting tower that can deliver up to 200 hours of lighting per tank.


Transport Efficiency

Size, dimensions and transportability of your lighting tower is important to know prior to purchasing. Is your lighting tower going to be transported by truck or on a trailer?

  • Transporting by truck: Transporting to remote areas can be expensive and you will need to fit as many lighting towers onto the same truck to avoid unnecessary transport costs.
  • Transporting by trailer: Look for compact, light and towable lighting towers with a durable canopy.


Alternative Power

You don’t always have to use the lighting tower engine, you can also plug them in and use electricity. Some lighting towers have the ability to run as a generator, so you can use these machine for lighting and as a portable power source.



You can get lighting towers that have the ability to turn the lights on automatically when the sun goes down.  These automated lighting towers can start the engine and raise the mast to full height without the need for someone to walk around and turn every light on. This saves you time and money.



There are several features of a lighting tower that determine its durability. Firstly the canopy of the lighting tower must be strong and long-lasting. Look out for a durable plastic canopies or a zinc galvanised coating on steel to prevent corrosion. Secondly, ask how long the LED lights last. We suggest going for bulbs with a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours. Lastly, reliable masts are important. Go for masts that can be rotated once extended to avoid having to move the entire machine to change the lighting position.



Make sure you have a local dealer that can support your lighting tower. If you decide to service the lighting tower yourself, be certain that the doors allow for easy access when servicing.


Do you have any questions about lighting towers? We can help. Please give us a call 1800 733 782 or request a quote.


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