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A reliable source of power is critical when living on a remote farm in Howatharra, Western Australia. Brett Gannon is a grain farmer and owner of the Suncity Motorcycles store based in Geraldton. He purchased an Atlas Copco QES 40 42kVA diesel generator.

“We live 5 hours from Perth and unfortunately we lose power on the property from time to time”, says Brett.

“One time I lost power for three days which was a real blow to my grain farming operation,” he adds “The lack of power affected the pumps used across various applications on the farm as well as in our home.”

Brett realised that he couldn’t rely solely on the local electricity supplier and that he needed a standby power solution.

Brett contacted Atlas CEA to develop a power plan. The Atlas CEA team presented Brett with different options for the sizes and types of diesel generators available.

“Atlas CEA factored in all of my requirements and I decided to purchase the Atlas Copco QES 40 diesel generator,” says Brett.

He adds “I could’ve bought a smaller and cheaper generator but I wanted something that would be able to power my whole property.”

“I wanted to be able to power the farm and the house without having to go around and turn lights on and off all of the time.”

The Atlas Copco QES diesel portable generator range has taken a major step forward for easy installation, high performance, maintenance efficiency and reduced noise. The QES 40 has 42kVa of power and 9.8L/h (100% load) fuel consumption.

Atlas Copco generators offer peace of mind with solutions that combines low cost of ownership, reliable performance and risk-free operation.

The QES range is rugged, easy to use and straightforward to maintain. It’s the practical predictable power choice, even for the most demanding conditions.

QES 40 Generator Standard Features

  • Easy to use
  • High-quality components
  • Spillage free frame (110% containment)
  • Easy to transport with forklift slots and lifting beams
  • Quiet generator
  • Big doors & service plates for superior accessibility
  • Fuel filter separator for optimal performance 4 poles main circuit breaker
  • Earth leakage protection and earth pin Dual stage heavy duty airfilter with safety cartridge
  • Dual stage fuel filter with water separator


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