28 Oct, 2019
11 Dec, 2017

The New Atlas Copco E-Air VSD Electric Compressors

Atlas Copco’s E-Air VSD compressors are game-changers when it comes to performances, energy-efficiency and versatility. The E-Air’s VSD motor is clean, compact, energy-efficient and quiet, while the compressors are easy to install and operate. With no emissions, unrivalled efficiency, low noise levels and a plug-and-play design; you can take the E-Air anywhere.

E-Air H250 VSD Electric Mobile Compressor

E-Air H250 VSD Electric Compressor

E- Air H250 VSD – Truly plug-and-play

In 2019 Atlas CEA won the HIRE Industry Excellence Award for Best New Product for the E-Air H250.  Have you ever seen a 7m³ compressor below 750kg? With the E-Air H250 VSD, you simply tow in reliable performance to any job site, without special driving license.

Thanks to the in-house designed permanent magnet motor and air element, this compressor offers best-in-class efficiency. With integrated start-up protection, you set the max amps the machine is allowed to take from the grid and the E-air always complies. Phase sequence problems are also a thing of the past, the E-Air 250 works with any phase sequence combination.

Once the E-Air is on, you won’t notice it’s running, thanks to noise levels as low as 61 dB(A), which is about the sound level of a normal conversation. This whisper-quiet operation is particularly useful when running the compressor indoors. However, this doesn’t mean the H250 VSD is limited to indoor operation. Its award-winning HardHat™ is the most sturdy compressor canopy available and the whole unit, including the controller is rated IP 65.

With an H250 VSD the possibilities are truly endless, also when it comes to applications. The integrated PACE technology allows you to run the machine at an adjustable pressure level (between 5 and 12 bar). Take the E-Air anywhere, plug it in, set the pressure and start the work.



E-Air H450 VSD electric mobile compressor

E-Air H450 VSD Electric Mobile Compressor

E-Air H450 VSD – Versatility at low cost of ownership

The E-Air H450 VSD features an in-house developed drive train with permanent magnet motor and air element that takes this compressor’s efficiency to the next level. This motor even outperforms the IE4 efficiency levels of an induction fixed speed motor.

The H450 VSD offers more than unmatched performances. When you compare its footprint and weight to a diesel machine of a comparable capacity, you’ll find that the E-Air is often only half the size and weight, and includes a HardHat™ canopy.

This compact compressor is also incredibly versatile: thanks to the Xc2003 controller with PACE, you can select a pressure between 5 and 13 bar. You can wire the H450 VSD up without the need for a phase sequence installation and it will start up without peak current.

Servicing the H450 VSD is as easy as operating it. The HardHat hood features a U-Flex design with easy and full access to all service points. Service intervals stretch to 2000 hours or 2 years.

Magnet Motor

Rugged Reliability

At the heart of the H250 VSD and H450 VSD is an inhouse designed permanent magnet motor.

The motor is oil-cooled and the copper windings are potted in resin to keep dust and moisture out.

The result? Reliable performance, even in the toughest conditions, with an IP66 rating.

Built Tough

All component under the bonnet are subject to extreme endurance testing. The E-Air VSD’s permanent magnet motor and electric converter are liquid-cooled and certified to run in ambient temperatures of up to 50°C. Every E-Air is a complete package, including a standard aftercooler and bypass valve. Our E-Air VSD compressors are green at heart, but have been built with the same robustness as their diesel counterparts, including HardHat hood and C3-certified bodywork.

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