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11 Dec, 2017


Atlas CEA has launched new versions of Atlas Copco’s XAVS 238 and XATS 288 portable compressors with a 27 per cent smaller footprint. This unique size for 238-288 cfm single-axle compressors, which are also 20 per cent lighter, offers users ultimate flexibility for both transport and usage on site. Both feature the latest Atlas Copco screw element, combined with a new engine that contribute to a 10 per cent reduction in energy consumption. 

The new models features the pioneering PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) compressor control system, which extends the operating spectrum for a single compressor from 7 up to 14 bar. This increased versatility boosts the utilisation rate for any rental company.

Whether used in sandblasting or shotcrete applications, the smaller footprint and weight of the XATS 288 and XAVS 238 portable air compressors offers many advantages for our customers. Total cost of ownership is further decreased by a 10 per cent increase in energy efficiency, improved serviceability and introduction of the PACE management system.

Improved Serviceability

The compressor-oil service interval is extended to 1000 hours or every two years. In addition, the simple design of the vessel allows operators to change the oil separator within one hour as all service parts can easily be accessed. Overall, reduced service intervention and longer lifetime of consumables life cuts total cost of operation.

Boost Utilisation Rate

Atlas Copco extends its PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) compressor control system to the XATS 288 and XAVS 238 compressors. Through PACE, one single compressor covers flow demands of up to 16.6 m3 /min and pressure ranges, from 7 to 14 bar. This has a significant impact on utilisation and fleet investment while the extended flow improves efficiency.

The PACE system resides within Atlas Copco’s Xc2003 controller, which has an intuitive colour LCD screen-based user interface. Operators can easily change the pressure setting with increments of 0.1 bar in just three easy steps. The system keeps track of compressor utilisation, and prompts for planned service interventions. The Xc2003 maintains the compressor’s environmental resilience with its IP65-rated dust and water protection.

Designed to perform in the toughest working conditions

Through extensive laboratory and field-testing; the XAVS 238 and XATS 288 offers best in class performance; even in the toughest working conditions. A three-layer protective coating of all bodywork under corrosive category C3 prevents corrosion and further enhances lifetime and resale value.

Whether it is through compactness, efficiency, versatility, or serviceability, the XAVS 238 and XATS 288 increases the return on investments.

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