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Stanley Road Construction is one of Australia’s leading independent road construction companies. Their reputation has been built on producing high quality work and improving efficiencies. They provide an extensive range of services including civil, construction, road profiling, asphalt surfacing, bitumen sealing, minor civil works and placement of gravel and CTB’s. Atlas CEA recently sold an Atlas Copco 1000kVA generator to Stanley to be used at their latest Asphalt Plant.

According Martin Rye of Stanley Road Construction, The QAC1100 Generator has run faultlessly resulting in 100% production uptime, it has also improved their economical run time by dropping the plant’s diesel consumption by 60% in comparison to the previous generator.

1000kVA Generator – QAC1100 TwinPower

The Atlas Copco QAC 1100 Twin Power is designed for easy servicing; the large access doors and custom service tools make for effortless maintenance and assured uptime. The positioning of the motor and alternator sets enables multiple access points to all the main components.

To tackle even bigger jobs, this 1000kVA  generator with the two QC 4003 controllers, can run alone or in parallel with other generators. You have the choice of either island mode or a power management system. You can also run the generator in parallel with mains, peak shaving, mains power export/import, fixed power and automatic mains failure.

The QAC1100 it is driven by two twin 500kVA Scania engines which can be coupled together as 1000kVA, the purpose for this is predominantly when we have peak loads or low loads. In this case Stanley needed 800kVA through the day to drive their entire plant and at night they only needed 400kVA.

1000kVA Generator

1000kVA Generator – TwinPower 

The QAC 1100 TwinPower is a 20-foot containerized generator with 2 x 500kVA generators inside; making it perfect for applications that have variable power needs.  Two generators on one platform gives you the flexibility you need to run at 100% power load or even low power loads in the most efficient way. What’s more; every feature you need comes as standard on the QAC 1100 TwinPower 1000kVA  generator.

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