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11 Dec, 2017


Atlas Copco has expanded its range of air compressors for utility trucks with the launch of three models weighing below 500kg. As a result, operators requiring compressed air at flow rates of up to 2.8m3/min are able to reduce the overall weight of their vehicles and save space due to the small footprint of the compressors.

The 8 Series Utility range are lightweight and versatile compressors that could be easily and securely integrated into their utility trucks. Not only do they weigh below 500kg, but all compressors in the Utility Air range now offer enhanced industry-leading service intervals.


U190 PACE model

The U110 PACE compressor is a new addition to the 8 Series Utility range. This compressor features an innovative controller allowing for multiple pressure configurations between 5-10.5 bar.

Thanks to its PACE (Pressure Adjust through Cognitive Electronics) system, operators are able to choose from the widest operating pressure range currently available for a truck-mounted air compressor. With the PACE electronic regulation system, operators use a simple-to-use digital controller to adjust the pressure with pinpoint accuracy depending on their application need. This means that with the U190 PACE compressor any theoretical combinations from 5 up to 10.5 bar is achievable.


2-in-1 Compressor and Generator

Several models can also be equipped with 15 kVA non-simultaneous generator to further increase the versatility of just one unit.


Aftercooler and Water Separator

For enhanced protection of the tools operators use downstream, all compressors within the 8 Series Utility range can now be equipped with an optional integrated aftercooler and water separator.


Corrosion Resistant Canopy

All compressors in the 8 Series Utility range feature a robust, corrosion resistant C3 rated canopy.


Spillage free frame

Reliable Kubota Mechanical engines come as standard with 110 per cent fluid containment, starter motor protection and integrated top tanks.



Simplicity of service was key in the development of this range. Each model is designed for one side service, spin on filters for quick maintenance and centralised drains for convenience. In addition, all consumables within the compressor are replaceable in under an hour without the need for special tools.


Form more information on the new range of portable air compressors for utility trucks please call 1800 733 782.


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