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11 Dec, 2017


Wolff Mining purchased a 20 kVA generator and self bunded fuel tank from Atlas CEA to power a mobile control centre for a mine. The 20 kVA generator powers an air conditioner, fridge and server room as well as two remote control operator stations. The self bunded fuel tank is able to provide diesel to the generator while it’s running.

According to Andrew Miller Project Manager for Wolff Group, they purchased the diesel generator because it was good value.

“Atlas Copco has an excellent reputation and good pricing,” says Andrew. “We don’t have to fill up the generator with diesel regularly because of the long range diesel fuel storage tank.”


About Wolff Mining Pty Ltd

Wolff Mining is a large-scale earthmoving company and proudly part of the National Group.

Wolff provides a range of automative and innovative solutions such as large-scale bulk dozer push, contract mining, excavator pre strip fleets, civil earthworks, blast hole drilling, site clearing and rehabilitation works.

The company has one of Australia’s largest privately owned heavy equipment fleets, including 80-250 tonne excavators, D11 dozers, and a range of ancillary equipment.


20 kVA Generator

The QES 20 is a highly efficient 20 kVA mobile generator. This diesel generator is easy to move, operate and service. It can be powered up within 6 seconds, has a spillage free frame and 500 hour service intervals.

The QES generator range is rugged, easy to use and straightforward to maintain. It’s the practical predictable power choice for the most demanding work sites. The QES generator range comes with a trailer option to make it even easier to move around site.

Specifically developed for the construction and general rental industries, the QES range is easy to use and straightforward to maintain. It’s the practical predictable power choice, even for the most demanding worksites. Standard features include a spillage free frame and a 500 hour service interval. Options, such as manual oil drain pump, connection to an external fuel tank, site or road trailers, can be added to fully match your construction site needs.


20 kVA Generator

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