80 kVA Silent Generator – QAS 5 80

80 kVA Silent Generator – QAS 5 range delivers a significant reduction in noise levels, being on average 5-8 dBA* quieter than comparable generators. The QAS 5 80 has 80 kVA of prime power and 88 kVA of standby power.

The QAS 5 range has been designed for quieter operation, smaller footprints, reduced emissions, faster plug-and-play paralleling, enhanced fuel economy, 24hrs autonomy with integrated fuel tank, and lowest total cost of ownership.

Excessive noise generated by portable energy equipment is becoming increasingly unacceptable in urban environments and industrial work areas. For this reason, QAS 5 generators deliver a significant reduction in operating noise levels, and are to being on average 5-8 db(A) quieter than comparable generators. The units’ super-silent performance is delivered through a combination of technologies, including advanced variable – speed drive (VSD) air cooling, isolated compartment for the power pack and extra noise attenuation solutions like special silencers and technical foams.

QAS 5 is the Perfect Solution For Any Application

Metropolitan building sites are busy and space-constrained environments, with building workers having to go about their tasks within close proximity to construction equipment. The design of Atlas Copco’s QAS 5 generators means footprints are smaller, making them easier to transport and to position on site.
QAS 5 is also the perfect fit for the event industry, featuring super-silent operation. Outstanding acoustic performance is delivered by a  combination of technologies such as advanced air cooling and more efficient positioning of silencers. The noise-reduction package means QAS 5 generators will provide the required power for events, without disruption.
In addition, uptime is a major factor for all industrial operations. Reliable and predictable machinery such as generators can help companies minimise unplanned shutdowns and boost plant profitability. Dependable performance of equipment also delivers quicker return on investment.

80 kVA Silent Generator – QAS 5 80 Features

5 db(A) Lower Noise
1/5th Smaller Footprint
5% Savings Operational Costs
5 Secs to Power and 55 secs for Paralleling
5th Generation Ready for Stage V

80 kVA Silent Generator – QAS 5 80 Downloads

QAS 5 Generators Brochure


Quick Spec

Prime Power
Fuel Consumption
17.7L/h (100% Load)
John Deere
Leroy Sommer