E-Air H185 VSD Electric Portable Air Compressor

The Atlas Copco E-Air H185 VSD is a single-stage, oil-injected, rotary screw type air compressor, powered by an Atlas Copco electric motor with Class H insulation powering up to 7150 rpm. The E-Air VSD compressor is a game changer when it comes to performances, energy-efficiency, and versatility.

The unit hosts the new generation C80 Screw element in its air end combined with an Atlas Copco integrated permanent. Magnet motor, cooling circuit, air/oil separation and control systems. Special attention has been given to the overall product quality, user friendliness, ease of serviceability, and economical operation to ensure best in class cost of ownership. The Unique feature of this new range is the PACE functionality coupled with the intuitive XC2003 controller.

This pioneering technology enables multiple pressure and flow settings, ensuring you match air flow and pressure to your application needs.

E-Air H185 VSD Electric Portable Air Compressor Features

Highest efficiency with the rugged Permanent Magnet Motor in combination with the C80 screw element.
Extended Pressure range with PACE.
Lowest Energy consumption.
Smallest footprint.
Advanced XC2003 controller with PACE.
Smart Socket.
Unmatched Compact, sound attenuated, corrosion resistant enclosure.
Designed with environmental protection in mind.

E-Air H185 VSD Electric Portable Air Compressor Downloads

E-Air H185 brochure


Quick Spec

Working Pressure
72.5psi to 174psi
Free Air Delivery
191.5cfm @ 72.5psi to 130.5cfm @ 174psi
Sound Pressure (LPA)
65 dB (A) @ 7m
26KW Atlas Copco Motor