LED light tower HiLight H6+

This new light tower offers low operational costs and reduced noise levels while increasing illumination coverage. It is ideal to use in tough environments, such as applications in construction, mining, and rental companies.

The HiLight H6+ comes with the innovative HardHat® body, made of medium-density polyethylene rather than metal, to protect the working operation underneath from the elements. The HardHat® is resistant to corrosion, lightweight, crack-resistant, environmentally friendly, and better able to meet the tough demands of on-site use.

It features a new generation of LED floodlights that are more efficient and provide optimal light distribution up to 6.000 m2 illumination area with a life expectancy of 50.000 hours. To offer the right luminosity at each moment and increased autonomy, the new HiLight H6+ comes with a dimming function on the easy-to-use control panel, located in an exterior lateral of the light tower.

Maintenance and transport efficiency were priority when designing the HiLight H6+. On the first front, the light tower only requires a simple service after 600 hours of operation which can be carried out in 40 minutes.

LED light tower HiLight H6+ Features

HardHat Body
Up To 40% less fuel and CO2 Emissions
-5 dB(A) Lower Noise – 55dBA
6.000m2 Light Coverage
50.000Hrs Life Span

LED light tower HiLight H6+ Downloads

H6+ Brochure


Quick Spec

Fuel Consumption
0.65L Per Hour
LED Lamps
Foot Print
2.1 x 1.3 (8 units per 40’ truck)
600Hr Service Intervals